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Speedy Video (also known as the Speedy Dub, Malaysian dub or Malaysian-English dub) is an English dub done by Malaysian voice actors. The most well-known Speedy Video dubs are those for Dragon Ball Z movies.


According to TheApolloDubArchive, a company in Malaysia named Speedy Video Distributors Sdn. Bhd. (The latter two words, “Sendirian Berhad” meaning "Private Limited" in Malay) released dubs of the second and third Dragon Ball movies, all thirteen Dragon Ball Z movies, and the 1996 10th anniversary Dragon Ball movie on VCD throughout stores in Malaysia in 1998[1]. Speedy also sold VCDs of the first Dragon Ball movie and the first Dragon Ball Z movie using the 1995 BTL Productions and 1997 Pioneer dubs, respectively, although they never dubbed the former themselves. Speedy eventually released all original seventeen movies in two volumes. The first of these sets included Speedy's release of the 1995 BTL Productions dub of the first Draogn Ball movie and their internal dubs of the second and third movies, as well as their dubs of the first six Dragon Ball Z movies. The second set includes the remaining Z movies and the 10th anniversary movie all dubbed by Speedy.[2]

Other releases are known to contain episodes from both the unedited Japanese version and the edited English version of Dragon Ball Z, and there are also a few discs that contain some episodes of Dragon Ball. Speedy even began to release Dragon Ball Z dubbed internally, releasing six VCD volumes with two episodes apiece. it was

The History of Trunks was released on VCD with the title The History of Trunk, but there has been no confirmation as to what language the audio uses. Dead Zone had two VCD releases, one featuring the Pioneer dub and another subtitled The Vengeance of the Demon King featuring their internal English dub. Broly - Second Coming was not fully dubbed by Speedy Video, as it still contains occasional Japanese words and screams, same goes with Bojack Unbound which contains a scream from the Cantonese Dub's voice actor. As of September 2017, a list of all the movies known to have been dubbed has been uploaded to the Internet Archive, and later in June 2018 with all of the movies dubbed by Speedy (Which included Bio Broly, Wrath of the Dragon and The Path to Power, which previously thought to be never dubbed by Speedy).

Other than the Dragon Ball Z movies, Speedy Video also dubbed other anime and live-action shows and movie into English as well, though it is yet to known that how many shows/movies that Speedy Video actually dubbed.

Dubbed Shows/MoviesEdit

This list is not confirmed yet whatever it is dubbed by Speedy Dub or not:

Voice ActorsEdit

There's no information about the voice actors, though according to Boys Down South, this is the list of the voice actors but it's yet to be confirm. [11]

  • Ahmad Khafe
  • Izzaz Ntero
  • Grace Roiyo
  • Serahm Ntero
  • Muhammad Amaito
  • Hussein Ahmed
  • Amir Khafila


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